Wednesday, February 12, 2020


is a list of poetry publications that I've read and loved/love.  The list will be updated over time as I read and love what I read. I read poetry frequently and stylistically as widely as I can.

Why LinkedIn? After joining it in 2013, I realized I could use it as a forum for recommending (others') poetry. My choices mostly reflect poetry readings as of 2013, though if I recall a poetry book I read pre-2013 and loved, I'll add it on the list.  These readings are not necessarily of recently-published poetry as I do read poetry years after their publication dates.  And Poetry, too, is a "job-hunter" -- for readers...

Do go to the prior post for a convenient List of Represented Publishers, which presents links to their web or other online sites. 

I am fortunate in having roles that expose me to much poetry (e.g. editing the most fun online poetry review, Galatea Resurrects, and I do try to read every single review copy sent, whether or not I review it). I hope my "LinkedIn Poetry All-Stars" (sorry but that title amuses Moi) will be another way for people to discover poetry that might not otherwise receive their attention.  That's really all I'm doing: paying attention and drawing attention to ...

Most publications are poetry collections, unless stated otherwise.

#291: Without A Net by Ana Maria Shua (Hanging Loose Press, N.Y., 2012)

#290: EZRA POUND and his world by Peter Ackroyd (biography with illustrations, Scribners, New York, 1980)

#289: I WANT TO WRITE AN HONEST SENTENCE by Susan M. Schultz (Talisman, 2019)

#288: A SHORT HISTORY OF MONSTERS by Jose Padua (University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, 2019)

#287: ESL, OR YOU WEREN'T HERE by Aldrin Valdez (Nightboat, Brooklyn, 2018)

#286: REVELATION: THE VISPO BIBLE by Amanda Earl (Timglaset, Malmo, Sweden, 2018)

#285: LISTENING TO RED by Dona Mayoora (Timglaset, Malmo, Sweden, 2018)

#284: UNFINISHED SKETCHES OF A REVOLUTION by Brane Mozetic (Talisman House, Northfield, MA, 2018)

#283: WORDS ON EDGE by Michael Leong (Black Square Editions, New York, 2018)

#282: MAN PRAYING by Donald Platt (Parlor Press, Anderson, SC, 2018)

#281: HOY / TODAY by Juan Gelman, Trans. by Lisa Rose Bradford (co*im&press, Normal, IL, 2018)

#280: RUMOR by Elizabeth Robinson (Parlor Press, Anderson, SC, 2018)

#279: SARAJEVO BLUES by Semezdin Mehmedinovic, Trans. by Ammiel Alcalay (City Lights, San Francisco, 1988)

#278: AGE OF GLASS by Anna Maria Hong (Cleveland State University Poetry Center, 2018)

#277: MODERN JAPANESE TANKA, Editor Makoto Ueda (Columbia University Press, New York, 1996)

#276: BEAST MERIDIEN by Vanessa Angelica Villarreal (Noemi Press, 2017)

#275: PHENOMENOLOGY OF THE FERAL by Julia Rose Lewis (The Knives, Forks and Spoons Press, Newton-le-Willows, U.K., 2018)

#274: BOOK OF CORD by Leona Chen (Tinfish Press, Hawai'i, 2017)

#273: THE END OF SOMETHING by Kate Greenstreet (Ahsahta Press, Boise, ID, 2017)

#272: VENTURE OF THE INFINITE MAN by Pablo Neruda, Trans. by Jessica Powell (City Lights, San Francisco, 2017)

#271: YOU MUST CHANGE YOUR LIFE: The Story of Rainer Maria Rilke and Auguste Rodin, biography by Rachel Corbett (Norton, NY/London, 2016)

#270: AFTERLAND by Mai Der Vang (Graywolf, Minneapolis, 2017)

#269: DEAR ALMOST by Matthew Thorburn (LSU Press, Baton Rouge, 2017)

#268: DADA BUDAPEST by John Olson (Black Widow Press, Boston, 2017)

#267: GHAZALS 1-59 AND OTHER POEMS by Sheila E. Murphy and Michelle Greenblatt (Unlikely Books, New Orleans, 2017)

#266: THE HATRED OF POETRY by Ben Lerner (FSG, New York, 2016)

#265: CLAIMING BREATH by Diane Glancy (University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln & London, 1992)

#264: THE SEER by Marton Koppany (Red Fox Press, Ireland, 2017)

#263: MARKET WONDERS by Susan Briante (Ahsahta Press, Boise, ID, 2016)

#262: BROOKLYN ANTEDILUVIAN by Patrick Rosal (Persea, New York, 2016)

#261: THE OLFACTIONS: POEMS ON PERFUME by Anne Gorrick (BlazeVOX, Kenmore, N.Y., 2017)

#260: DICKINSON UNBOUND: Paper, Process, Poetics by Alexandra Socarides (Oxford University Press, 2012)

#259: BALIKBAYANG MAHAL: Passages from Exile by E. San Juan, Jr. (Philippine Studies Center, Washington D.C., 2007/2017)

#258: RECONSOLIDATION: OR IT'S THE GHOSTS WHO WILL ANSWER YOU by Janice Lee (Penny-Ante Editions, Los Angeles, 2015)

#257: MICROCHIPS FOR MILLIONS by Janice Lobo Sapigao (Philippine American Writers and Artists, San Framcisco, 2016)

#256: OPERATIONS by Moez Surani (Book Thug, Toronto, 2016)

#255: STOWING THE WIND: A REQUIEM IN THE MODERN WORLD by Ed Foster (Marsh Hawk Press, New York, 2016)

#254: THE SONNETS by Ted Berrigan (Penguin, N.Y., 2000)

#253: STUDY & OTHER POEMS ON ART by Yuko Otomo (Ugly Duckling Presse, Brooklyn, N.Y., 2013)

#252: UNCREATED MIRROR by Tamas Panitz (Lunar Chandelier Collective, Hudson, N.Y., 2016)

#251: HEART THREAD by Robert Kelly (Lunar Chandelier Collective, Hudson, N.Y., 2016)

#250: NOT WRITTEN WORDS by Xi Xi, trans. by Jennifer Feeley (Zephyr Press, Brookline, MA, 2016)

#249: ABANDONED ANGEL: NEW POEMS by Burt Kimmelman (Marsh Hawk Press, New York, 2016)

#248: THE SONG OF THE DEAD by Pierre Reverdy, trans. by Dan Bellm (Black Square Editions, New York, 2016)

#247: NIGHT SKY WITH EXIT WOUNDS by Ocean Vuong (Copper Canyon Press, Port Townsend, WA, 2016)

#246: TOP 40 by Brandon Brown (Roof Books, New York, 2014)

#245: UNBEARABLE SPLENDOR by Sun Yung Shin (Coffee House Press, Minneapolis, 2016)

#244: THE HAND HAS TWENTY-SEVEN BONES--: THESE HANDS IF NOT GODS by Natalie Diaz (Belladonna Chaplet #190, Brooklyn, 2016)

#243: A PICTURE OF EVERYONE I LOVE PASSES THROUGH ME with collages by Lynn Behrendt, text mixed by John Bloomberg-Rissman and remixed by Lynn Behrendt (Lunar Chandelier Press, Brooklyn and Chicago, 2016)

#242: HI-DENSITY POLITICS by Urayoan Noel (BlazeVOX, Buffalo, N.Y., 2010)

#241: DIANOIA by Michael Heller (Nightboat Books, New York, 2016)

#240: 67 MOGUL MINIATURES by Raza Ali Hasan (Autumn House Press, Pittsburgh, 2009)

#239: ANY LIE YOU TELL WILL BE THE TRUTH by Stephen Paul Miller (Marsh Hawk Press, New York, 2016)

#238: THE UNFOLLOWING by Lyn Hejinian (Omnidawn, Oakland, 2016)

#237: ALGARAVIAS / ECHO CHAMBER by Waly Salomao, Trans. by Maryam Monalisa Gharavi (Ugly Duckling Presse, Brooklyn, 2016)

#236: SELECTED POEMS & POETIC SERIES by Thomas Fink (Marsh Hawk Press, New York, 2016)

#235: THE ARGONAUTS by Maggie Nelson (Graywolf, Minneapolis, 2015)

#234: BENEDICTION by Alice Notley (Letter Machine Editions, Tucson, 2015)


#232: RESTLESS CONTINENT by Aja Couchois Duncan (Litmus Press, Brooklyn, 2016)

#231: COLLECTED POEMS 1957-1982 by Wendell Berry (North Point Press, San Francisco, 1985)

#230: NATURAL HISTORY RAPE MUSEUM by Danielle Pafunda (Bloof Books, 2016)

#229: THE ART OF EXPORTING by Cristina Querrer (dancing girl press & studio, 2011)

#228: NIGHTS READING : : BURTON'S THOUSAND AND ONE : : by Marthe Reed (Lavender Ink, New Orleans, 2014)

#227: 100 CHINESE SILENCES by Timothy Yu (Les Figues Press, Los Angeles, 2015)

#226: STAYING ALIVE by Laura Sims (Ugly Duckling Presse, Brooklyn, 2016)

#225: THE AMAZING CAGE OF LIGHT: NEW AND SELECTED POEMS by Martine Bellen (Spuyten Duyvil, Brooklyn, 2015)

#224: RADIO SILENCE by Philip Schaefer and Jeff Whitney (Black Lawrence Press, 2016)

#223: GEORGE OPPEN: NEW COLLECTED POEMS edited by Michael Davidson (New Directions, New York, 1932-2008)

#222: THEY AND WE WILL GET INTO TROUBLE FOR THIS by Anna Moschovakis (Coffee House Press, Minneapolis, Minn., 2016)

#221: SELECT POEMS by John M. Bennett (Poetry Hotel Press / Luna Bisonte Prods., San Francisco / Columbus, OH, 2016)

#220: THE AHA MOMENT by Marton Koppany (E-ratio Editions, 2016)

#219: LOST WAX: TRANSLATION THROUGH THE VOID, poems by Jonathan Stalling with translations by Zhou Yu, Yao Benbiao, Nick Admussen, Jami Proctor-Xu, Jennifer Feeley, Eleanor Goodman, Lucas Klein and Andrea Lingenfelter with sculpture and photography by Amy Stalling (TinFish, Hawai'i, 2015)

#218: THE UNFOLDING CENTER, poem by Arthur Sze and art by Susan York with conversation with John Yau (Radius Books, Santa Fe, NM 2013)

#217: GOSSAMER LID by Andrew Brenza (Trembling Pillow Press, New Orleans, 2015)

#216: MY CHOCOLATE SARCOPHAGUS by Claudia Carlson (Marsh Hawk Press, New York, 2016)

#215: HIT PARADE by THE ORBITA GROUP: Sergej Timofejev, Artur Punte, Semyon Khanin, and Vladimir Svetlov, Edited by Kevin M.F. Platt (Ugly Duckling Presse, Brooklyn, 2015)

#214: ROSEATE, POINTS OF GOLD by Laynie Brown (Dusie, Switzerland, 2011)

#213: LITTLE ANODYNES by Jon Pineda (University of South Carolina Press, 2015)

#212: MARILYN by Amanda Ngoho Reavey (An Operating System Publication, Brooklyn/New York, 2015)

#211: CHARLOTTE'S SONGS by Paul Pines (Marsh Hawk Press, New York, 2015)

#210: COME IN ALONE by Anselm Berrigan (Wave Books, 2016)

#209: THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO JUDAS by Keith Holyoak (Dos Madres Press, Loveland, OH, 2015)

#208: ONE BLACKBIRD AT A TIME by Wendy Barker (BkMk Press, Kansas City, MO, 2015)

#207: ORPHAN MACHINES by Carrie Hunter (Black Radish Books, 2015)

#206: A LILY LILIES, Poems by Josey Foo and Notes on Dance by Leah Stein (Nightboat Books, Callicoon, N.Y., 2007)

#205: INFILTRATION: AN ANTHOLOGY OF INNOVATIVE POETRY FROM THE HUDSON RIVER VALLEY edited by Anne Gorrick and Sam Truitt (Station Hill of Barrytown, New York, 2016)

#204: IT'S NO GOOD by Kirill Medvedev (Ugly Duckling Presse, Brooklyn, 2012)

#203: TO LOVE AS ASWANG by Barbara Jane Reyes (Philippine American Writers & Artists, San Francisco, 2015)

#202: THE BEAUTY OF GHOSTS: FIVE VOICE: A THEATER OF POETRY by Luis H. Francia (Ateneo de Manila University Press, Quezon City, 2010)

#201: NOT SO, SEA by Mg Roberts (Durga Press, Loveland, CO, 2014)

#200: ACTUALITIES with poems by Norma Cole and art by Marina Adams (Litmus Press, Brooklyn, 2015)

#199: BLOOD PARTY by Merle Bachman (Shearsman Books, Bristol, U.K., 2015)

#198: LUCI: A FORBIDDEN SOTERIOLOGY by j/j hastain (Black Radish Books, 2015)

#197: FRUITS AND FLOWERS AND ANIMALS AND SEAS AND LANDS DO OPEN by Michael Leong (Burnside Review, 2015)

#196: SECRET WEAPON: SELECTED LATE POEMS by Eugen Jebeleanu, trans. from Romanian by Matthew Zapruder and Radu Ioanid with Introduction by Andrei Codrescu (Coffee House Press, Minneapolis, 2008)

#195: INTERVENIR / INTERVENE by Dolores Dorante & Rodrigo Flores Sanchez (Ugly Duckling Presse, 2015)

#194: A FIELD GUIDE TO LOST THINGS by Peter Jaeger (if p then q, Manchester, U.K., 2015)

#193: HOW TO GROW UP, memoir by Michelle Tea (PLUME / Penguin, 2015)

#192: WET LAND by Lucas De Lima (Action Books, Notre Dame, IN, 2014)

#191: YOU DA ONE by Jennifer Tamayo (Coconut Books, Atlanta, 2014)

#190: URSULA OR UNIVERSITY, poetic memoir/meditation by Stephanie Young (Krupskaya, San Francisco, 2013)

#189: FLUTES AND TOMATOES: A MEMOIR WITH POEMS by Wade Stevens (BlazeVOX, Buffalo, N.Y., 2015)

#188:  SONG X: NEW AND SELECTED POEMS by Patrick Pritchett (Talisman House, Northfield, MA, 2014)

#187: WHAT I'VE STOLEN, WHAT I'VE EARNED by Sherman Alexie (Hanging Loose Press, Brooklyn, 2014)

#186: PASSION by Larry Kearney (Transmission Press, San Francisco, 2007)

#185: TO SEE THE EARTH by Philip Metres (Cleveland State University Poetry Center, Cleveland, 2008)

#184: THERE ARE WORDS by Burt Kimmelman (Dos Madres Press, Loveland, OH, 2007)

#183: PHOENIX, poem by Ouyang Jianghe, translated by Austin Woerner, with images by Xu Bing (Zephyr Press, Brookline, MA, 2015)

#182: HERE COMES THE SUN: A JOURNEY TO ADOPTION IN 8 CHAKRAS by Leza Lowitz (Stone Bridge Press, Berkeley, 2015)

#181: BAD BABY by Abigail Welhouse (Dancing Girl Press, Chicago, 2015)

#180: THE LAST INCANTATIONS by David Mura (TriQuarterly Books / Northwestern University Press, Evanston, IL, 2014)

#179: ALL PURPOSE VISPO by Nico Vassilakis (sp & undated)

#178: KRAZY: VISUAL POEMS AND PERFORMANCE SCRIPTS by Jane Augustine (Marsh Hawk Press, New York, 2015)

#177: MARTIN & MEDITATIONS ON THE SOUTH VALLEY by Jimmy Santiago Baca (New Directions, New York, 1986-87)

#176: RED EPIC by Joshua Clover (Commune Editions, Oakland, 2015)

#175: THE BOOK OF FERAL FLORA by Amanda Ackerman (Les Figues Press, Los Angeles, 2015)

#174: I AM THE BEGGAR OF THE WORLD: LANDAYS FROM CONTEMPORARY AFGHANISTANT, Translated and collected by Eliza Griswold with photographs by Seamus Murphy (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, New York, 2014)

#173: MANGYAN TREASURES / THE AMBAHAN:  A POETIC EXPRESSION OF THE MANGYANS OF SOUTHERN MINDORO, PHILIPPINES compiled, translated and explained by Antoon Postma (Mangyan Heritage Center, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines, 2005)

#172: ITSELF by Rae Armantrout (Wesleyan, 2015)

#171: THE ROAD TO EMMAUS by Spencer Reese (Farrar, Straus, Giroux, New York, 2014)

#170: ESSAYS AFTER EIGHTY by Donald Hall (essays, Houghton Mifflin, New York, 2014)

#169: THE DESCARTES HIGHLANDS by Eric Gamalinda (novel, Akashic Books, Brooklyn, 2014)

 #168: TREMBLING HAND EQUILIBRIUM by Barry Schwabsky (Black Square Editions, New York, 2015)

#167: COSTUME EN FACE: A PRIMER OF DARKNESS FOR YOUNG BOYS AND GIRLS by Tatsumi Hijikata, with notebook by Moe Yamamoto, Trans. by Sawako Nakayasu (Ugly Duckling Presse, Brooklyn, 2015)

#166: KATE STREET by rob mclennan (Moria Books, 2011)

#165: TRAUMA MOUTH: poems from THE DAYBOOKS by Jessica Smith (Dusie, 2015)

#164: CITIZEN by Claudia Rankine (Graywolf, Minneapolis, 2014)

#163: ARIANE: A STOCK EPIC by Angelo Suarez (self-published, 2015)

#162: JUNKYARD DOG by Halvard Johnson (gradient books, Finland, 2015)

#161: POST SUBJECT: A FABLE by Oliver de la Paz (University of Akron Press, Akron, OH, 2014)

#160: DON'T LET ME BE LONELY: AN AMERICAN LYRIC by Claudia Rankine (Graywolf, Minneapolis, 2004)

#159: THE OPEN SECRET by Jennifer Moxley (Flood Editions, Chicago, 2014)

#158: BLUETS by Maggie Nelson (Wave, Seattle and New York, 2009)

#157: I ATE THE COSMOS FOR BREAKFAST by Melisssa Studdard (Saint Julian Press, Houston, TX, 2014)

#156: THROW    N by James Wagner, poems to paintings by Bracha L. Ettinger (There Press, Madison, WI, 2014)

#155: BENEATH THE ICE: AN ANTHOLOGY OF CONTEMPORARY ICELANDIC POETRY, Editor Helen Mitsios (Talisman, Northfield, MA, 2014)

#154: BOMBYONDER by Reb Livingston (Bitter Cherry Books, Atlanta, GA, 2014)

#153: AFTER-CAVE by Michelle DeTorie (Ahsahta Press, Boise, ID, 2014)

#152: SALSA by Hsia Yu, Trans. by Steve Bradbury (Zephyr Press, Brookline, MA, 2014)

#151: CANYON IN THE BODY by Lan Lan, Trans. by Fiona Sze-Lorrain (Zephyr Press, Brookline, MA, 2014)

#150: CRUSHING SOFT RUBIES: A MEMOIR by Janet Stickmon (Broken Shackle Publishing, Oakland, CA, 2003 / 2014)

#149: WRITTEN 1987-2013 by Paul Inman (If P then Q, Manchester, U.K., 2014)

#147-148: MANUAL and IMAGEMS 1, both by Richard Berengarten (Shearsman Books/Chapbooks, Bristol, U.K., 2014)

#146: TO KEEP TIME by Joseph Massey (Omnidawn, Richmond, CA, 2014)

#145: FROM UNINCORPORATED TERRITORY [ GUMA ] by Craig Santos Perez (Omnidawn, Richmond, CA, 2014)

#144: POEM OF DIMINISHING POETICITY by Angelo Suarez (SP, Quezon City, Philippines, nd)

#143: DOUBLESPACE: POEMS 1971-1989 by Hank Lazer (Segue, New York, 1992)

#142: EURYDICE'S SONGS, poems by William Borden and monotypes by Douglas Kinsey (St. Andrews College Press, Laurinburg, NC, 1999)

#141: ROLY POLY / BICHO BOLA by Victoria Estol, Trans. from Spanish by Seth Michelson (Toad Press, Claremont, CA, 2014)

#140: IN THE ICE HOUSE by Genevieve Kaplan (Red Hen Press, Pasadena, 2011)

#139: THE BODY ACHES [POEMS AND HAY(NA)KU] by Ernesto Priego (SP, Mexico City, 2005)

#138: HANDIWORK by Amaranth Borsuk (Slope Editions, New York / New Hampshire / Massachusetts, 2012)

#137: THE COUNTRY I REMEMBER by David Mason (Story Line Press, Brownsville, OR, 1996)

#136: THE WAY WE LIVE by Burt Kimmelman (Dos Madres Press, Loveland, OH, 2013)

#135: BY THE HOURS: SELECTED POEMS EARLY & UNCOLLECTED by Eric Hoffman (Dos Madres Press, Loveland, OH, 2013)

#134: OPEN NIGHT by Aaron Lowinger (Transmission Press, San Francisco, 2008)

#133: THE WHOLE MARIE by Barbara Maloutas (Ahsahta Press, Boisie, ID, 2009)

#132: SMALL WORKS by Pam Rehm (Flood Editions, Chicago, 2005)

#131: THE OLD LIFE by Donald Hall (Houghton Mifflin, Boston / N.Y., 2008)

#130: #! by Nick Montfort (Counterpath, Denver, 2014)

#129: INTERVAL by Kaia Sand (Edge Books, Washington D.C., 2004)

#128: I DIDN'T KNOW MANI WAS A CONCEPTUALIST by Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingde (Math Paper Press, Singapore, 2014)

#127: RED BOOK OF BLUES by Ryan Gallagher (Bootstrap Press, Lowell, MA/Oakland, CA, 2014)

#126: THE HOAX OF CONTAGION by Michael Leong (Naissance Chapbooks, Lancaster, PA, 2010)

#125: THEY TALK ABOUT DEATH by Alessandra Bava (Blood Pudding Press, Ohio, 2014)

#124: SLIGHT RETURN: REMIX AND EKPHRASIS by Robert Archambeau (Argotist E-Books, Online, 2011)

#123: THE GALLOPING MAN AND FIVE OTHER POEMS by Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino (E-Ratio Editions, Online, 2014)

#122: V: WAVESON.NETS / LOSING L'UNA by Stephanie Strickland (Penguin Poets, New York etc., 2002)

#121: END OF THE SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY by Sarah Vap (Noemi Press, Las Cruces, NM, 2013)

#120: THE ECLECTIC WORLD by Mark Young (gradient books, Finland, 2014)

#119: THE TRANQUILIZED TONGUE by Eric Baus (City Lights, San Francisco, 2014)

#118: HOARD by Jaime Robles (Shearsman Books, Bristol, U.K., 2013)

#117: THERE ARE THINGS WE LIVE AMONG: ESSAYS ON THE OBJECT WORLD by Jennifer Moxley (Flood Editions, Chicago, 2012)

#116: TATTERED BOAT by Luis H. Francia (University of the Philippines Press, 2014)

#115: THE TV SUTRAS by Dodie Bellamy (Ugly Duckling Presse, Brooklyn, 2014)

#114: THE NOTHING THAT IS by John Olson (Ravenna Press, 2014)

#113: COMPLETE MINIMAL POEMS by Aram Saroyan (2nd Edition) (Ugly Duckling Presse / Primary Information, Brooklyn, 2014)

#112: FATE LINES / DESIRE LINES by Caleb Puckett (Mammoth Publications, Lawrence, KS, 2014)

#111: MOONBOOK AND SUNBOOK by Willis Barnstone (Tupelo Press, 2014)

#110:  MUTTER-BABEL by Christine Wertheim (Counterpath, 2014)

#109: DIPSTICK/(DIPTYCH) by Tom Beckett (Marsh Hawk Press, 2014)

#108: IMAGINED SONS by Carrie Etter (Seren, 2014)

#107: SOUVENIR by Aimee Suzara (WordTech Editions, 2014)

#106:  STILL. WALK. by William Allegrezza (gradient press, 2014)

#105: ALL NIGHTMARE (poetry introductions) by Josef Kaplan (Ugly Duckling Presse, 2014)

#104: MEMORY HOLES (memoir by poet) Erin Virgil (Monkey Puzzle Press, Harrison, Arkansas, 2014)

#103: READING THE DIFFICULTIES: DIALOGUES WITH CONTEMPORARY AMERICAN INNOVATIVE POETRY Edited by Thomas Fink and Judith Halden-Sullivan (University of Alabama Press, 2014)

#102: THE UNFINISHED BOOKS I-VI by Mark DuCharme (BlazeVOX Books, 2013)

#101: A MESSENGER COMES by Rachel Tzvia Back (Singing Horse Press, 2012)

#100:  REVELATOR by Ron Silliman (Book Thug, 2013)

#99: THE ERRANT ASTROLOGERS by Felipe Benitez Reyes, trans. from the Spanish by Emily Toder (Ugly Duckling Presse, 2013)

#98:   LITTLE “g” GOD GROWS TIRED OF ME, poems by Aby Kaupang (SpringGun Press, 2013)

#97: IMAGO FOR THE FALLEN WORLD, poems by Matthew Cooperman and art by Marius Lehene (Jaded Ibis Press, 2013)

#96: OF: VOL. I, poems by Ossian Foley (Ugly Duckling Presse, 2013)

#95: WE BURY THE LANDSCAPE: AN EXHIBITION-COLLECTION by Kristine Ong Muslim (Queen's Ferry Press, 2012)

#94: "SHE'S WELCOME TO HER DISEASE": DEMENTIA BLOG [VOLUME TWO] by Susan M. Schultz (Singing Horse Press, 2013)

#93: POEMS' PROGRESS by Wendy Barker (Absey & Co., 2002)

#92: THE GARDEN: SYNTHETIC ENVIRONMENT FOR ANALYSIS AND SIMULATION, poetry and visual poetry by Ed Steck (Ugly Duckling Presse, 2013)

#91: POCKET PARK: FOUR SEASONS IN POEMS AND PHOTOS by Claudia Carlson (Marsh Hawk Press, 2013)

#90: KEPT WOMEN by Kate Durbin (Insert Press / Parrot 15, 2012)

#89: pleth by j/j hastain and Marthe Reed (Unlikely Books, 2013)

#88: FORTY-ONE JANE DOE'S by Carrie Olivia Adams (Ahsahta Press, 2013)

#87: SAKRA BOCCATA by Jose Antonio Mazzoti, Trans. by Clayton Eshleman (Ugly Duckling Presse, 2013)

#86: THE CODICILS by Mark Young (Otoliths, 2013)

#85: ALL THAT GORGEOUS PITILESS SONG by Rebecca Foust (Many Mountains Moving Press, 2010)

#84: FROM DELANCEY WEST by Brian Jackson (BlazeVOX Books, 2013)

#83: THE COLLECTED POEMS OF PHILIP LAMANTIA, edited by Garrett Caples, Andrew Joron and Nancy Joyce Peters (University of California Press, 2013)

#82: JUST KIDS, memoir of life with Robert Maplethorpe by Patti Smith (ecco/Harper Collins, New York, 2010)

#81: WHAT THE STONES REMEMBER: A LIFE REDISCOVERED, memoir by Patrick Lane (Trumpeter / Shambhala, Boston & London, 2006)

#80: THE FADING SMILE: POETS IN BOSTON FROM ROBERT LOWELL TO SYLVIA PLATH by Peter Davison (biography involving Robert Frost, Robert Lowell, Richard Wilbur, W.S. Merwin, Anne Sexton, Adrienne Rich and Sylvia Plath, among others, Norton, 1994)

#79: JOYRIDE by Thomas Fink (Marsh Hawk Press, 2013)

#78: DEATH CENTOS by Diana Arterian (Ugly Duckling Presse, 2013)

#77: EVENING WILL COME: WOMEN OF VISUAL POETRY ISSUE Edited by Jessica Smith (The Volta, 2013)

#76: HELLO, THE ROSES by Mei-mei Berssenbrugge (New Directions, 2013)

#75: FINDING MY ELEGY: NEW AND SELECTED POEMS by Ursula K. Le Guin (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2012)

#74: "SONG," visual poetry by Marton Koppany (The Blind Chatelaine's Keys, 2013)

#73: ntst: THE COLLECTED PWOERMDS OF GEOF HUTH (if p then q, 2010)

#72: HAIKU by Ivy Alvarez(The Private Press, 2004)

#71: DEJA VU DINER by Leonard Gontarek (Autumn House Press, 2006)

#70: CEMETERY CHESS: SELECTED AND NEW POEMS by Sandy McIntosh (Marsh Hawk Press, 2012)

#69: THE 1985 NOTEBOOK, visual poetry/asemic writing by Norma Kassirer (The Buffalo Ochre Papers, 2012)

#68: GENJI MONOGATARI by Mark Young (Otoliths, 2010)

#67: DOOR OF THIN SKINS by Shira Dentz (CavanKerry Press, 2013)

#66: DENSITIES, APPARITIONS by William Allegrezza (Otoliths, 2011)

#65: FOR LACK OF DIAMOND YEARS by Caroline Beasley-Baker (Pelekinesis, 2013)

#64: THE PRESENT DAY by Ernesto Priego (Leafe Press, 2010)

#63: ANTHOLOGY SPIDERTANGLE (of visual poetry) edited by miekal And (Xexoxial Editions, 2009)

#62: THE FEELING IS ACTUAL by Paolo Javier (Marsh Hawk Press, 2011)

#61: WANTON TEXTILES by Reb Livingston & Ravi Shankar (No Tell Books, 2006)

#60: NOTES FROM IRRELEVANCE by Anselm Berrigan (Wave Books, 2011)

#59: CROWNS OF CHARLOTTE: NC ODE by Lee Ann Brown (Carolina Wren Press, 2013)

#58: PSYCHEDELIC NORWAY by John Colburn (Coffee House Press, 2013)

#57: THE ALTERATION OF SILENCE: RECENT CHILEAN POETRY, (La alteración del silencio: Poesía chilena reciente), bilingual poetry of poems translated from Spanish to English, edited by Galo Ghigliotto & William Allegrezza (Dialogos Books / Lavender Ink, 2013)

#56: 1000 SONNETS by Tim Atkins (if p then q, 2010)

#55: EATING IN THE UNDERWORLD by Rachel Zucker (Wesleyan University Press, 2003)

#54: 2ND NOTICE OF MODIFICATIONS TO TEXT OF PROPOSED REGULATIONS by John Bloomberg-Rissman (Laughing Ouch Cube Publications / Leafe Press, 2010)

#53: DEEP RIVER APARTMENTS, chap anthology edited by Ivy Alvarez and featuring Shann Palmer, JL Thompson, Elaine Borthwick, Dionisio Velasco, Jennie Cole, Kirsten Irving, Angela Readman and Sam Rasnake (The Private Press, 2012)

#52: THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO THINK THAT PAINTERS SHOULDN'T TALK: A GUSTONBOOK by Patrick James Dunagan (The Post-Apollo Press, 2011)

#51: DISPATCH, collaborative poems by Marci Nelligan and Nicole Mauro (Dusie, 2006)

#50: BIG BAD ASTERISK* by Carlo Matos (BlazeVOX [books], 2013)

#49: AS LONG AS TREES LAST by Hoa Nguyen (Wave Books, 2012)

#48: WAIFS AND STRAYS by Micah Ballard (City Lights Books, 2011)

#47: A MUSICS by Carrie Hunter (arrow as aarow, 2010)

#46: CAN IT!, poetry/memoir by Edmund Berrigan (Letter Machine Editions, 2013)

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#40: FUR BIRDS by Michelle Detorie (Insert Blanc Press / Parrot 14, 2012)

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#10: A THING AMONG THINGS: THE ART OF JASPER JOHNS (essays / art criticism / meditations which also reveal something about ars poetica) by John Yau (Distributed Arts Publishers, 2008)

#9: HAD SLAVES by Catherine Sasanov (Firewheel Editions, 2010)

#8: PEOPLE ARE STRANGE (short stories w/ poetry references) by Eric Gamalinda (Black Lawrence Press, 2012)
A True Library Overflows...

#7: THIRTY-FIVE NEW PAGES by Lev Rubinstein, note-card poems translated from Russian by Philip Metres and Tatiana Tulchinsky (Ugly Duckling Presse Eastern European Poetry Series No. 28, 2011)

#6: VARIATIONS ON PAINTING A ROOM: POEMS 2000-2010 by Alan Baker (Skysill Press, 2011)

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#3: IN THE LAURELS, CAUGHT by Lee Ann Brown (Fence Books, 2013)

#2: ALL IS FORGOTTEN, NOTHING IS LOST (novel involving poets and ars poetica) by Lan Samantha Chang (Norton, 2010)

#1: HE LOOKED BEYOND MY FAULTS AND SAW MY NEEDS by Leonard Gontarek (Hanging Loose Press, 2013)

             The Curator Reads Poetry at Library of Congress

Happy Reading!
Eileen R. Tabios

P.S. Speaking of beloved poetry, I'm not listing them, but of course I also LOVE the poetry I actually publish through Meritage Press -- click on the link for poetry titles by William Allegrezza, Michelle Bautista, Allen Bramhall, Tom Beckett, Tamiko Beyer, John Bloomberg-Rissman, Garrett Caples, Brian Clements, Thomas Fink, Luis H. Francia, Geoffrey Gatza, Aileen Ibardaloza, Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, Karen Llagas, Maya Diablo Mason, Bruna Mori, Ernesto Priego, Barry Schwabsky, Jean Vengua, John Yau, and Mark Young.